A film by

Jessica Palud


Jeanne Rosa, Virgile Bramly
Every evening, "Doll" scours the dating sites in search of love. After a virtual conversation with a new stranger, the young woman takes a leap of faith and goes to his home in the middle of the night. As always she is quick to believe in it...

Crew List

Director: Jessica Palud

Screenwriters: Jessica Palud & Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat

Producers: Lucas Tothe & Sylvain Lagrillère

Cinematographer: Valentin Vignet

Production Designer: Frédéric Bouvier

Editor: Pierre Deschamps

Sound Design: Jules Valeur

Image and Sound Details

Release Date: 2016

Language: French / Subtitles: English, Spanish
Frame/Aspect ratio: 1:85
Format: Digital 2K / Screening Format: DCP  Sound: 5.1

  • France
  • 2016
  • 13 min
Festivals and Awards

  • Les Images Vagabondes Festival 
  • Mamers en Mars Film Festival 
  • Sequence Short Film Festival
  • European Short Film Festival of Nice (Un festival c’est trop court)
  • AFC Global Festival – USA
  • Kiev International Film Festival – Ukraine
  • Festival Cine en la Calle – Colombia
  • Cork French Film Festival


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