A film by

Jérémy Depuydt, Giuseppe Accardo
At the beginning of the 20th century, in a remote village in the Sicilian countryside, Pina, the baker's daughter masks her power, to regenerate the earth, from others. With each harvest, unscrupulous bandits plunder the village, sowing terror. The kidnapping of Pina by the ferocious mafia boss will plunge the hamlet into an era of famine until the fate of the entire country is turned upside down.

Crew List

Director: Jérémy Depuydt

Screenwriters: Giuseppe Accardo & Jérémy Depuydt

Producers: Lucas Tothe & Sylvain Lagrillère

Co-Producer (Belgium): Maxime Feyers

Image and Sound Details

Release Date: 2021
Funding: Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation – Tax Shelter – National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image – Haut de France Region – Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region – La Charente Department

Language: Italian / Subtitles: French, English
Frame/Aspect ratio: 1:85
Format: Digital 2K / Screening Format: DCP  Sound: 5.1



  • France, Belgium
  • 2021
  • 20 min


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