Jeanne. – Punchline Cinéma


A film by

Cosme Castro


Justine Bachelet, Léa Forest, Clara Hédouin
Three sisters pay their last respects to their younger sister who has gone missing.

Crew List

Screenwriter & Director: Cosme Castro

Producers: Lucas Tothe & Sylvain Lagrillère

Cinematographer: Balthazar Lab

Editor: Cosme Castro

Sound Design: Baptiste Marie

Image and Sound Details

Release Date: 2014
Language: French / Subtitles: English, Spanish
Frame/Aspect ratio: 1:85
Format: Digital 2K / Screening Format: DCP  Sound: 5.1

  • France
  • 2014
  • 23 min
Festivals and Awards

  • Porto Vecchio Short Film Festival – Best Short Film
  • Brussels International Film Festival – Best Actress Award
  • Best Student Short 2020 – University Center of Agen
  • Angers European First Film Festival
  • Lille International Film Festival
  • Utopia Cinema Film Festival
  • Tous Courts International Short Film Festival of Aix-en-Provence
  • Porto Vecchio Short Film Festival
  • Paris Court Devant Festival
  • Sortie salle du film au Cinéma le Saint-André des Arts
  • Brussels International Film Festival – Belgium
  • Bornshorts Festival – Denmark


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