HIZIA – Punchline Cinéma


A film by

Chabname Zariab


Brigitte Rouan - Bruno Wolkowitch - Salim Fontaine
As Louise prepares to exit her apartment building, a man gives her a bag before being taken away by the police.

Crew List

Screenwriter & Director: Chabname Zariab

Producers: Lucas Tothe & Sylvain Lagrillère (Punchline Cinéma), Jean-Etienne Brat & Lou Chicoteau (Alta Roca Films)

Cinematographer: Eric Devin

Production Designer: Alissia Blanchard

Editors: Vanessa Basté & Manon Falise

Sound Design: Andria Vivarelli



Image and Sound Details

Release Date: 2021
Funding:  France 2 – Corsica Collective – Adami – Procirep – Angoa – House Film (Paris)

Language: French, Arabic / Subtitles: English
Frame/Aspect ratio: 1:85
Format: Digital 2K / Screening Format: DCP  Sound: 5.1

  • France
  • 2020
  • 20 min
Festivals and Awards

  • Best International Film (Oscar Qualifying) – Foyle Film Festival
  • Cinébanlieue Film Festival
  • Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival
  • Cyprus International Film Festival
  • Tirana International Film Festival
  • “Courts en Champagne” Film Festival 
  • Short Film Festival of Auch– France
  • Foyle Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Short Film Festival


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