A film by

Rémi Parisse


Delys Seckler, Riad Gahmi, Jamesly Corbet, Denis Rougeot
In the middle of the ocean, just a few miles off the coast of Mayotte, Sam, a sailor seeking adventure, is about to rescue Ibra, a young teenager from the island. Lost in the middle of the sea, the child is calmly sitting on a large floating beacon. Intriguingly, Ibra refuses to get off and asks to be left alone to meditate. Curious and admiring, Sam tries to learn more about Ibra's strange procession.

Crew List

Screenwriter/Director : Rémi Parisse

Producers : Lucas Tothe (Punchline Cinéma)

Cinematographer : Tristan Chenais

Décors : Dimitri Meruz, Sébastien Tschaenn

Son : Edgar Imbault, Tristan Pontécaille, matthieu Tertois

Editing : Gwenn Ghelid

Image and Sound Details

Release date : 2023
Fundings : Canal+ – CNC – Procirep – Angoa

Language : Français/ Subtitles : Anglais
Frame/Aspect ratio: 1:85
Format : Digital 2K / Screening Format : DCP  Sound : 5.1

  • France
  • 2023
  • 10