Feature film by Cosme Castro, Léa Forest


  • 2017 •
  • 72’ •
  • Digital Cinema •
  • 1.66 •
  • Color / Black and white •
  • 5.1 •
  • Drama

Six youths from the Havre in France, who decide to travel by bike throughout the countryside in order to "share lucid dreams".  The concept is to consciously dream collectively while sleeping.  In one of their dreams, Don Quixote invites himself into their fantasy.  



Cosme Castro -

Son of Chilean theatre director, Oscar Castro, Cosme Nicomedes Castro grew up in Ivry, France making the stage of the Theatre Aleph his second home. Self-taught, Cosme quits all the theatre schools he attends. In 2008, he takes on the pseudonym of Pablo Nicomedes, but soon returns to his real name. With a group of friends, he creates the Big Purple Van Club in 2009, a web concert series for radio in a purple van that they drive around Paris. Fascinated by science-fiction stories, he co-writes a monthly sci-fi series, Purple UFO, with his brother, which is broadcast on Radio Campus Paris from 2008 to 2009. In 2011, he co-creates a new cultural organization, Les Labos Cinégéniques with Léa Forest, in order to propel their real passion for films. Cosme Castro is an actor, but his real passion is film directing. He co-directed his first short film with Léa Forest “In Order to Make War”, who also co-signed the script to his second short “Jeanne”.


Léa Forest -

Following her encounter with Nazim Boudjena, from the Comédie Française, Nazim quickly becomes Léa's first theatre mentor. In 2009, he writes and directs a play for 8 young actors : “The Sun Have a Rendez Vous with the Moon” is performed for a whole year at La Blanchisserie in Ivry Sur Seine. Sophie Sahada, the new owner of the Théâtre des 5 Diamants, soon discovers the troop and invites them to pursue their work in her theatre space. In 2010, Léa meets her second theatre mentor: Delpine Eliet and trains at l'Ecole du Jeu. She participates in a workshop in masked theatre with Mariana Araoz, a student of Mario Gonzales, and also learns buto with the dancer and choreographer, Cecile Loyer. Since June 2011, she is a confirmed member of the “Happy Actors” improv and performance troop l'Enjeu, created, orchestrated and directed by Delphine Eliet which takes place in the 104 cultural centre in Paris.

    • Jeunesse
    • Dream
    • Société